How to Buy a Domain Name from GoDaddy in Urdu?

Buying a domain name for your particular business is the stepping stone towards establishing an online presence for your business. With the right domain name, you could market your business extensively online and generate increasing revenue for your business. However, for most newbies buying a domain name can be intimidating task as there are lots of options available. This article summarizes the steps you need to follow to purchase your domain name from GoDaddy and kick-start your business. You can also purchase domain names to re-sell at a later time when the domain name’s demand is high in the market. Firstly, go to and locate the search bar on the homepage of the website.

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After that type in the required domain name into the search bar. Go for .com extensions as they are more beneficial for a particular business due to ease of usage. You could also choose the advanced search option and put in all the requirements for your particular domain name. The more precise your search would be, the better chances are that you’ll find the right domain name for your business. After typing in the domain name, click on the search option and a list of available domains will sprung up along with their prices as well. In case the domain name you searched for is already taken, you will be notified about it in the results and domain names with similar names will be suggested. Once you have decided on the domain name, click on select and then continue to cart option. The website will automatically create email and hosting for your website therefore on the next page, simply click on continue to cart option.


Next, the website will ask you to for subscription package you want for your domain name. Choose the option that suits to your business needs and proceed further. Afterwards, you will be asked to put in payment method for your purchase. Therefore choose the payment method you want and add all the credit cards details in it. Click on continue after adding the details of payment. A confirmation message will spring up that you have purchased your desirous domain name. Be smart and creative while searching for a domain name as the easier your domain name is, more people could type in to find your business hence creating more traffic for your website. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check:  All You Need To Know Before Going For Free Domains 

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